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[신문] Walk on the Road, Walk in the Sky - The Hyowon Helard 2009-09-02
09-10-01 11:47

    Walk on the Road, Walk in the Sky
    [275호] Walkaholic
    2009년 09월 02일 (수) 18:38:10 Lee Shin-ae lsa@pusan.ac.kr


    Walk on the Road, Walk in the Sky

              I ditched work today. Took a train out to Montauk. I dont know why. Im not an impulsive person. Its a speech of Joel in the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind". Drawn by the strange feeling, all of a sudden he went to a beach at Montauk and met a woman named Clementine and fell in love with her.
              Like Joel in the movie, Im rather an insensitive person than an impulsive person. But I felt the urge to go somewhere and experience something special. So I began to find my own Montauk. Then I found the attractive place where I can experience new activities, the Zipline and where beautiful landscapes exist. Such a place is Mungyeong city.

    Jinnam Station closed and changed to Mungyeong Rail Bike. The writer walked along the railroad.

               Have you ever imagined yourself flying in the sky by grasping on rope? Sounds awesome, doesnt it? If you have, you can go to the Bul-jeong recreation forest at Mungyeong and take the Zipline. Zipline refers to an outdoor activity in which a rider moves along a cable suspended in trees or pillars. Riding a trolley connects the rider and the wire, whereby the rider moves from one deck to another deck. A Zipline guider waits to help you land on the deck.


              There are nine courses and each one has a different wire length. Each Zipline course differs from the other. At one course, I didnt hold on to the trolley so, I could feel like I was floating in the air. I intentionally flapped my arms so I could feel like a light butterfly. At another course, I could gaze upon Mt. Bul-jeong while passing through trees. Looking down upon the tree which I earlier stood at, made me feel refreshed. 

              After finishing the Zipline, I took a bus to Jin-Nam Bridge under which the Yung River flows. I walked under the bridge and sat on the riverside. The water was quite transparent. I skipped rocks sitting under the bridge. I was very impressed by the scenery. Cars passed on the bridge. It was Monday and there were few people around me. Not many cars, not many people. The atmosphere was tranquil and relaxing. I didnt recognize the time passing, but only felt the breeze passing me by. Then, suddenly I felt like moving. I started walking and it didnt take long before I found the Mungyeong Rail Bike road.

              On the road there had been trains pulling coal. But now its for the railroad bike, which is kind of a transformed bicycle. I ambled along the railroad. It was so romantic. I was a little tired, but strangely I felt each step giving me the energy to step forward. I walked about 2km along the railroad and I walked more along the highway to the bus stop. On the road, I could carry my thoughts back to the past . Moments with some people around me came across my mind. I couldnt meet my Clementine, but I could encounter people who have been always with me. Although the weather was rather cloudy and the sky was a little dark, it seemed like there was an eternal sunshine in my mind.

    By Lee Shin-ae, Reporter



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